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  • Taking Soap Beyond the Bathtub

     How does one mom who already has more than enough to do suddenly end up in the business of making soap for charity?  Especially, when she never made a bar of soap in her life before this past October?  Well, it was a slippery (pun intended) slope, let me tell you.

    As so many things do, it all started on youtube.  In an effort to raise our awareness of those living in third world countries, one morning, during family devotions, I cued up a few videos showing the struggles of many Africans to obtain sufficient water and that, even then, the water is filthy and contaminated.

    This touched my children’s hearts and led to my eleven year old’s comment, “Mom, how about we cancel our trip to Disney World in April and use the money to buy a well for an African village?”  (This, of course, warmed my mommy heart, brought tears to my eyes, and made me think that maybe there was some hope for my kids turning out well after all.)  Well, Grandma was paying for that trip, so that wasn’t really an option, but the discussion had begun: How could we help with this problem in Africa? And, more specifically, how could we raise the $2600 needed to provide just one well to an African village? …