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  • Confessions of a slightly ADD mother

    I planned to clean the kitchen this afternoon, here’s how it went:  Wash two dishes.  Hmm, I should wash that nasty frying pan.  I really don’t want to.  Hey a UPS package! Ooh, look, my bottles and lip gloss tins! “Here, Jimmy, take these eggs to Grandma’s.”  Start making lip gloss, spill it everywhere.  Why was I wearing a cashmere sweater while making lip gloss?  Why do I even own a cashmere sweater? “Joey, stop stirring egg yolks around with your fingers.”

    Start cleaning up the lip gloss.  Eat a cookie.  Why are the girls playing with colanders, pot lids and paper bags all over the kitchen floor?  Check my e-mail.  “No, you can’t have a cookie.” “Good point.  Fine have a cookie.” Hey, I think I’ll make some hair conditioner while the kitchen is a mess anyway.  Why am I making conditioner instead of dinner?  Go to my laptop and look up how to make conditioner on the internet.  Check my e-mail again.  Why hasn’t she responded to my message yet? I wonder what’s going on on facebook? Hmm, nothing interesting.  Make and bottle the conditioner.  “Someone come get ‘Lena!” 

    Return to cleaning up lip gloss.  Wow, it smells great!  Take some from the stove top and rub it on my lips.  …