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  • The "Massager"

    As we left the hospital with Baby J. the nurse told us to bring everything on the counter; they would just throw it out if we didn’t.  So, I upended the pink plastic medical bin into a bag and didn’t look in the bag again until we got home.

    My husband Matt was holding the baby, my sister Jenny making dinner, the kids circling me with interest to see what treasures I had brought from the hospital.  (You know, besides a baby).  I pulled out five tubes of antibiotic ointment, about twenty syringes, blue gloves, adhesive tape and then a long cylinder of some sort with one tapered end and a twist on lid on the other.  A flashlight?  I twisted the end, but no light came on, instead it started to shake.  I looked at my sister confused.  She began to laugh.

    “Is this what I think it is?” I asked.

    “Um, yup, I think so,” she laughed, “When Ella was in the hospital they rubbed one on her back to help loosen the gunk in her lungs.”

    “Huh. Yeah, J. did have breathing trouble there for a while.”

    “Hey, what’s that thing?” one of the kids asks, “A toothbrush?”

    “Uhhh… no.”

    Another comes over and looks at it with interest.

    “Ooh, it’s a back massager!”  He takes it, turns it on and trots over …