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  • Ten Reasons to Sit in the Front Row

    When it comes to church, our family used to be solid back row dwellers, so much so that if the back row of the sanctuary wasn’t open, we would lurk uncomfortably in the aisle trying to figure out what to do.

    “Let’s go out to breakfast instead.”

    “Maybe if we stare at them long enough they’ll feel uncomfortable and move somewhere else.  There are plenty of seats up front.”

    “Kids, stand over there and cough a lot.”

    About five years ago we made a decision to move up front so that our kids could better see and follow the service.  It actually has a lot going for it. So, here’s my ten reason countdown on why everyone should sit in the front row:

    10. First lips on the common cup.  Now, I’m not saying how the rest of the congregation feels about us with our six kids getting to the cup first, but I figure we aren’t getting any germs.

    9.  Access to the altar.  My preschool aged daughter can dance out into the aisle and right on up across the stage where she has plenty of room to show off her moves while Daddy chases her back toward our seats with a baby in each arm. This also gives everyone a nice chance to see the striped red snowflake tights that she paired with a hot pink tutu, a …


  • The Case for Siblings

    I have gotten the impression that some people think big families are accidents, as if the parents are a bit simple and just haven’t figured out how these things work, so they didn’t manage to stem the flow of children before it got embarrassing, kind of like when you wait too long to fix your cat and suddenly have ten kittens that need homes.

    My husband and I each come from families with seven children.  There were times as a kid when I was embarrassed to have so many siblings.  I would go through sibling by sibling and try to pick which ones I didn’t want so that our family could be a more normal size.  I always arrived at the same conclusion: that I liked each one and would keep them after all.  When Matt and I were dating we said that we would have two to four children.  We currently have two plus four children, to quote my father, “we figure it’s a good start to a family.”

    It saddens me to see fewer couples choosing to have large families because coming from a big family has been an amazing blessing for me.  My brother and sisters are my best friends.  They are the ones I call when I need to share or laugh and when I can’t handle my grief.  Beside Matt they are the ones who …