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Yet Another Day

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“Mommy, Mommy, look at me!”  I toss a sad looking tomato to Tillie, one our chickens, and look around for the source of the excited voice.

“Up here!” I look up, then up some more to find my youngest son a good thirty feet up a gnarly old oak tree.  I encourage him firmly to carefully climb down.

Soon after, I glance out the back window to see him swinging from some sort of vine hanging from the same tree.  As I watch, the vine breaks and he falls, lying motionless on his side for several very long seconds, before popping up again and running off to the next adventure, even as he rubs the sore spots from this one.

I sigh with relief and am reminded just how much I love him, then breathe a prayer of thanks that he’s made it through yet another day, asking, even in my thanks, for God’s grace in getting this child safely through to adulthood.